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Business students in marquee receiving simulation results

Academic Business Simulations Flyer

Our business simulations immerse students into challenging real-life scenarios in a constantly changing business environment. An exciting, fun and interactive range of simulations especially designed to provide not just business and commercial knowledge, but also to quickly build student networks, break down barriers and form cohesive teams.


November 2018
Instructor pointing at team member scorecards

Personal Performance Metrics and why they matter for your business

Sales targets and corresponding performance are easy to understand and analyse. Individual salespeople are given a number and timescale. If they meet or exceed that number in that period they are fine, if not questions are posed and adaptive measures taken. Their impact on the business is immediately clear. The more sold the greater the overall income. What about more complex metrics; such as skill/knowledge sets and gaps; for each employee in your organisation? How those gaps relate directly to the overall business performance? How much importance is attributed to each skill or knowledge set?


July 2018
Team members at a workshop making decisions on business simulation

Get your onboarding right. Supercharge your new hires, don't bore them

Businesses spend a lot of time, money and effort on recruiting the right person for the right job. Sadly, this becomes wasted when employees do not last beyond their probation period. To all of us, first impressions matter, whether we are aware of it or not. Businesses expect their employees, in particular new hires, to be excited loyal advocates who present 'their new employer' as a great place to work with a great offering to others; regardless of business type or sector.


March 2018
Blue Maserati

Maserati - Accelerating Leadership Capability

As part of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group Maserati is one of the world's most iconic automotive manufacturers, rich in tradition and sporting successes. The head of HR, Finance and the European Sales Director recognised the need for their teams, which are spread across multiple sites across Europe, to develop their commercial acumen, the inter-connectivity of their actions to the business profitability and the and the importance of multi departmental collaboration.


February 2018
Team members at a workshop making decisions on business simulation

Employee engagement 2018: it’s all about the employee experience

2018 will see an even greater need for building and developing employee engagement for ambitious businesses looking to generate growth. Primary focus will be on employee experiences, both day-to-day and longer-term. No surprise here really, as long-term relationships are the most beneficial and profitable ones all growing businesses focus on.

So, what does employee experience mean?


January 2018
Tablet on production volume decision in FMCG sim

Engage your employees by using relevant technology for them!
5 top tips

Let’s face it we are all working more years than ever before. The challenge to ensure every employee is focused not only on their individual role, but also excited about the wider business objective, is quite a tricky one. Today’s workforce will typically include several ‘types’ of employees, each with their own understanding and response to technology.


October 2017
Team at an event using a simulation around a laptop

How can you engage your employees in 2017?

When employee engagement drops, business revenue drops. A 2017 report by AON HEWITT demonstrated that a 5-point increase in employee engagement can turn into 3% business revenue growth in the following year. With business uncertainty such as BREXIT, the need to engage employees has become more important now than ever before.


September 2017
Conference hall with around 600 graduate recruits in 84 teams taking part in a banking simulation

August; time to develop your in-house talent. 3 top tips

Six months into the year is the ideal time for HR professionals to take stock of employee engagement and development programmes. Have any deadlines lapsed? Has the overall company staff development programme been followed? Have identified in-house talent been retained? Engaged? Developed? Believe it or not, once plans have been created and signed off early in the year, identified key individuals are left to find development opportunities themselves; rather than HR creating and monitoring development opportunities for them.


August 2017
Team members at a workshop making decisions on business simulation

Onboarding: the good, the bad, the ugly…

Get your onboarding right and new employees will fit in seamlessly, by understanding the business culture, language and the part they need to play in achieving the common goal – meet business targets. Get it wrong and you will have given them a rather negative impression, which will inevitably result in lower employee engagement levels and eventually require retraining down the line.


July 2017
Graduate recruits making decisions on a banking simulation

Why it’s important to offer high calibre graduates something special

Graduate recruitment is quite a complex task; once you have identified the target graduates you are looking for – either by Degree topic or University you need to ensure you provide them with the right engaging stimulation to drive their desire to want to work for you.  Then you need to ensure you have the right fit of grads based on their personal characteristics to ensure they will integrate seamlessly into your business.


June 2017
Tablet held up showing decisions in a simulation

ROI on Employee Engagement activities: Business Simulations

One of the dilemmas faced by HR Directors is the ability to demonstrate ROI to the Board from employee engagement activities.  HR Heads continue to turn to Business Simulations for all aspects of employee engagement; such as recruitment, onboarding, talent nurturing, team building and management training. 


May 2017
Teams at an event making decisions in a simulated business

Employee training: MOOCs versus Business Simulations, what’s the difference?

“Growing your career or business is an evolution, not a revolution.”

At Business Smart International we couldn’t agree more. Both are directly linked. Any HR VP/Director worth their weight in gold will know that driving business growth, as demanded by the board, means they need to have a solid employee engagement strategy in place. This must include both individual skill development and tailoring their skill development to drive business growth whilst mitigating risk.


April 2017
Business students in marquee receiving simulation results

Why run a business game?

What should you look for?

Let’s face it – we are all hooked to technology & games. Whether traditional board games or the latest in online gaming. Whether played on an actual board or on the wide ranging options for mobile devices. So it’s no surprise really that businesses seek games to introduce, train, or reinvigorate employees to their business goals.


March 2017
Smartphone and laptop showing pages from entrepeneur simulation

The modern workforce: multi-everything


Deloitte recently released a report which outlined the complexities of modern workforces with ‘multi’ everything. From multi-generational, to multi-cultural, multi-gender, multi-functional and more.


February 2017