The modern workforce: multi-everything

The report asked key questions concerning how exactly businesses are transforming their HR/talent acquisition & retention practices to engage employees, ensuring needs of each ‘multi’ category is taken into account. Technology offers global reach, therefore if businesses do not look after their employees, they WILL leave. Especially talented ones.

In order to attract and retain focused & talented staff, businesses simply must offer solid engagement practices, flexible learning programmes, many development options and future leader practices for their employees. This daunting and mammoth task can effectively be organised by implementing innovative technology – in a fun and stimulating way. Here are a few examples of how global and regional businesses are doing this today:

  1. Showcase your business to the prospective hire: play a game or simulation! Graduate recruitment through a business simulation can offer insight into what the new hire is likely to experience before they even sign the contract.
  2. Offer a unique experience from the outset: on-boarding business simulations and games will not only focus the newly hired individual on your business goals, it will also develop loyalty from the outset.
  3. Host annual team working events: gone are the days of a general outing – teamwork in a competitive environment – mixing up functions and organisational levels, offers not only a wider understanding of different business units, it will also bring people together – even better if on an international level. Business Simulations are perfect for this activity ensuring relevance, engagement and fun.
  4. Use technology for bespoke development: do you have a team of high value talent that needs to be developed as potential future leaders? What better way to have them work on a joint ‘project’ which could show them their options? Bespoke simulations offer a host of opportunities in this area.
  5. Need to refocus managers/directors? Longer term staff? Re-engage them in a fun environment to show them the value of what they have been working on and where their next attainment level can be?

These are just a few options – with innovative technology and your business plans there are no limits. Simulations can be developed to run online or as a workshop option or even as both. Scale is also not a problem as we have run simulations from 5 to 5,000 people.

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