Get ahead from the start: business simulations for Schools


The first two are relatively easy to prove, the latter however can be quite difficult, especially when most young graduate candidates may have a few weeks or summer months of work experience.

This in turn is putting extra pressure on Business Schools to deliver high quality courses that provide both academia and real-world examples.  It’s no surprise therefore that leading business schools are turning to innovative solutions. 

A good simulation will provide students with:

  • The ability to run their own business and make key growth decisions
  • Learning how internal and external functional processes work together, such as marketing, sales, logistics, finance and more
  • Understanding business models for different sectors, such as Banking, Retail and more
  • Providing a platform for making mistakes, in order to improve future decision making
  • Engaging, fun, challenging and interactive business models
  • Supporting different experiential learning methodologies, from independent to tutor-led

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