How can you engage your employees in 2017?


Lower employee engagement will also result in greater employee churn, absenteeism and a general lack of customer care, all critical issues to any business wishing to grow.

So, how can any business successfully engage their employees? By following these 6 steps:

  1. Understand employee issues and concerns
  2. Develop strategies to address these concerns
  3. Build connections between the business and the individual
  4. Play together – make work life fun; get creative
  5. Share issues
  6. Give feedback to all involved

Graphic of table showing discipline against context

So, how do you turn these steps into actions?  Here are two easily implementable activities:

  1. Create an employee survey
    1. Collect the metric data. Analyse
  2. Run a business simulation game
    1. Turn the analysis into a strategic game
    2. This will inherently build a connection in a fun, challenging manner
    3. Issues are shared as teams work together
    4. All game results can be sliced and diced into views/reports/stats as you need – share this with the teams and get a better understanding of what everyone is trying to achieve together

Engaged employees

How do we know this? Simple.  We’ve been running employee engagement business simulations to over 165 corporate clients, in over 82 countries, with 58,5k+ simulation participants. 

Have a look at this short video to see how it’s done:  /vodafone-event

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