Why run a business game?


Let’s face it – we are all hooked to technology & games.  Whether traditional board games or the latest in online gaming.  Whether played on an actual board or on the wide ranging options for mobile devices.  So it’s no surprise really that businesses seek games to introduce, train, or reinvigorate employees to their business goals.

In fact, there are numerous studies and reports proving just how beneficial employee engagement via business games can be. In particular, many of the biggest management consultancies have offered various reports on direct links to engaged employees and global business growth potential.


How do you take the old fashioned ‘shadowing’ and ‘re-training’ to a new level using business games.  By using modern technology businesses can capitalize on using business games to a wider audience simultaneously; thereby enabling global teams to work together, saving time and money on sending them or a ‘trainer’ around the world.

Today, business games are available in many different forms, such as:

  1. Graduate recruiting: introduce your business in a fun way to (most likely) millenials
  2. Onboarding: engage new employees from the outset
  3. Team building: introduce different teams to each other & build relationships
  4. Talent retention: once identified focus talent on YOUR business to keep them engaged and focused
  5. Management training: focus key managers on the bigger picture, reinvigorate ‘tired’ supervisors and/or managers

Once you have decided on the type of business game you need, you should look at the delivery method.  Critically, which suits your business, action plan and budget.  Games come in many guises and are delivered in many ways.  Here are a few examples:

  1. Off-the-Shelf:  ready made for your vertical
  2. Tailored to you: ready made with some form of customisations, can include your terminology
  3. Bespoke: customized with your ‘business language’ and specific business goals
  4. Onsite: in your offices
  5. Offsite: at a location of your choice
  6. Hosted by you: you take the lead
  7. Hosted by the games simulator: run by experts
  8. Set up by you:  you buy the package and set everything up
  9. Set up by the games experts: everything is delivered to you ready to go

Regardless of the type of game and delivery method, one thing is certain – the game must include an element of fun and competitiveness – after all, you want to engage and excite your employees, not bore them to death (reminding me of endless hours of dull Power point presentations).

When looking for a business simulation game you should ensure all these factors are taken into consideration, and that the games provider can deliver this to you.  It’s about your employees and your business requirements, not about simply providing a game.

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