Onboarding: the good, the bad, the ugly…


Typical pitfalls for onboarding include:

  1. Wasting numerous hours filling in paperwork
  2. Creating and managing an outdated and confused buddy or shadowing system
  3. Running an older training programme that may not necessarily include all the latest and greatest your business has to offer
  4. Putting together a last-minute handover in a rush a few days before the new employee starts
  5. Not running an induction programme at all – ie asking the employee to sink or swim from the outset

These pitfalls can all easily be avoided through a structured and regularly updated onboarding programme. Innovative technology solutions in the marketplace today offer a unique platform which will enable the HR onboarding teams a practical approach to delivering a consistent training programme. More importantly these will engage and focus the new hires from the outset, as the delivery method is a business simulation game; making their first few days fun and interactive.

Onboarding simulation games offer so much more value, here are just a few of the key ones:

  • A feed of real business data offers a historical, present and future vision (you could include a virtual tour)
  • New hires can experience ‘a day in the life’ scenario
  • Simulation games will not only showcase your business products/services, they start teaching key vocabulary they will use daily
  • Your new hires can make key business decisions with real data in a risk-free environment.  They can learn from their mistakes before actually making them in real life
  • Regulatory compliance training can be built in to give your Senior Management a head start on meeting key compliance requirements
  • Various studies confirm learning through live interactions (such as gamification training) actually increases knowledge retention – by up to 7%
  • Making day 1 special by introducing the business in a fun way will make the new hire feel valued, drive loyalty up and create brand ambassadors
  • Onboarding business games can be used as a benchmark in employee performance and help set future training goals
  • ‘Player’ Results / feedback can in turn be used by HR Onboarding teams to optimise the programme and games for the future

With all these benefits geared to ensure the onboarding programme is tailored to deliver the best results for both the new employee and the business, it is no wonder that over 165 corporate clients are turning to business simulation games. 

Why not have a look at Booking.com’s onboarding story.

We have launched over 110 different simulation modules in 10 languages, which can either be off-the-shelf or completely customised to your specific business requirements.  Scalable and flexible delivery methods can further enhance the experience: via online, blended or as a workshop. 

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