Get your onboarding right. Supercharge your new hires, don't bore them


But what do businesses actually DO for their new hires, to earn that loyalty? I’m sure those of us who have had a few jobs all have had the experience of turning up for a new job with little or no orientation, having been expected to ‘just get on with it’.  I am glad to say those days are behind us. Business owners and senior leadership are now understanding the true value in integrating the new hire into the company culture, language and day-to-day processes.  In fact, there are numerous think tanks who have provided several reports on the direct links between a good onboarding programme and business profits.

So, what does a good onboarding programme entail?  Whilst the details vary from report to report, there is are several commonalities, such as:

  1. Immerse the new hire into the company culture
  2. Teach them vital business processes and language
  3. Give them access to learning and the tools they need to perform in their role
  4. Demonstrate reporting requirements for them to understand how their performance aligns to the overall business goals
  5. Provide real-time metrics enabling goal setting and objective review points 

However, one key element is missing here:  the first impression.  How onboarding is delivered will impact they way in which the employee is engaged.  Make it challenging, stimulating & fun and your employee will remember their first steps they took with you.  Give them a simulation game, based on proven gamification techniques to let them make mistakes in a ‘safe’ environment and they will learn and grow.

Give them a manual to read, or ‘death by powerpoint’ slides and they will have to refer them again and again and again.

Engaged employees from the outset will give your business a competitive advantage. Why? Because your employees are super charged in getting the job they need to do, done.  Not focussed on learning how to do their job.

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