August; time to develop your in-house talent. 3 top tips


Why is this the case? Well, typically time constraints in execution and other daily priorities simply take over.  Finding the right engagement/development for the individual or group of individuals can be difficult and VERY time consuming.  Identified talented employees are most likely found in several business units, have a variety of seniority levels and wide-ranging roles & responsibilities.  Merging all these requirements into a manageable engagement or development programme appears to be a mammoth task from the outset.

It doesn’t have to be. Revolutionise your talented employee development programmes through business simulation games? The idea may sound unusual at first, yet global businesses are embracing this innovative software and gaining competitive advantages as a result.  How? Why?  Let’s delve further and review the 3 key long-term business benefits of using a simulation to stimulate, challenge, engage and train high potentials within your businesses.

  1. DEVELOP CAPABILITY: Simulations have long been used, in the airline industry, to develop core capabilities of pilots and have proven themselves to be a very powerful and effective way to do this, in a realistic but safe environment. Our corporate and business simulations work in the same way, but are focused on developing the capabilities required within the corporate environment.
  2. FLEXIBLE DELIVERY : Our simulations are driven by a multimillion dollar advanced simulation platform, which provides a much wider range of flexible delivery options than previously available from traditional simulations. This means you can execute your simulations in the most suitable manner to your business (inhouse, events, individual, group learning), as well as employing your available technology – laptops, tablets, etc.
  3. TARGETED APPROACH:  Our range of simulations can be used for all levels of staff and management within organisations.  Each level of simulation can be matched to specific levels of experience, simply by adjusting the depth and complexity of the simulation.

What else is there to know? Have a look at this short video:

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