Introducing a new Academic Simulation Series (5/5)

This session is designed to provide business and commercial acumen AND will quickly build student networks and break down barriers to form cohesive teams.  Using recognised gamification techniques this is delivered through exciting, fun and interactive sessions; which draws out the competitive spirit, proven each time the winning team is announced upon completion of the session.

Course leaders enjoy the fully flexible delivery options too; having the options to utilise our professional facilitators or set up the simulations internally through designated faculty.  The simulations can be run in cohorts from 15 to 500 students divided into teams of 5 to 6, offering great scalability. 

In summary this fun, engaging way gives students a broad knowledge of how a business operates. They learn to begin to apply the theory to the actual business of running an organisation. Students start to really understand the value of Team building and developing student networks.

Who is it for?

Level 3 or 4 students who are studying a business-related subject

Advantages for Students

  • Provides experiential learning
  • Integrates dysfunctional areas
  • Allows for theory application
  • Consequences of decisions are seen
  • Requires teamwork
  • Requires involvement
  • Provide interactive and dynamic exercises
  • Give realistic experiences
  • Expose students to business competition
  • Add fun to their coursework
  • Interest and motivate students 

Advantages for Teachers

  • Provide interactive and dynamic exercises
  • Allow for theory application
  • Interest and motivate students
  • Measure comprehension and understanding
  • Integrate dysfunctional areas
  • Add variety to the course
  • Easy to administer and run
  • Bring an exciting gamification element to the coursework

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