Introducing a new Academic Simulation Series (4/5)

Here is where experiential learning comes into a world of its own. This simulation will place the students in the role of a senior manager, making them responsible for overall performance of several business functions; from sales & marketing, to development & manufacturing, as well as Finance and HR. As the simulation continues, students will learn how to create their own business pitch, heading to a ‘Dragons' Den’ providing opportunities to present and negotiate investment for company share. This simulation encourages students to develop their leadership acumen, emotional intelligence and project management skills.

We are currently working with Professors who are embracing the opportunities technology solutions provide. The flexibility of these simulations offers lecturers a streamlined approach to delivering information and backed up by live coursework as the unit progresses. Personalised metrics can then be used to track progress and report back as course leaders now have unprecedented insights into individual learning and understanding. Students receive greater depth in feedback enhancing their learning experiences.

College and University Deans and Faculty Heads value the scalability, as simulations can be run either by faculty or our professional facilitators; our business simulations can be set up for cohorts between 15 – 200, where students are divided into teams of 5 or 6; even better they can be run anywhere – from classrooms to halls or even remotely and completely online.

In summary


  • Achieve an in-depth understanding of the way organisations work
  • Learn to apply the theory to the actual business of running an organisation
  • Taught by integrated management subjects – linking theory and research to management practice
  • Gain increased capabilities, confidence and morale as students learn the skills required to develop into senior leaders
  • Evolve their ability to analyse problems, research and propose solutions and make important decisions as part of senior management team
  • Develop the knowledge and skills to become highly effective in business and management
  • Practice presentation and negotiation skills under potentially stressful situations


  • Become innovative in their course delivery and cater to varying class sizes
  • Have a better understanding of individual student understanding
  • Will be able to provide more detailed feedback summaries to students
  • Develop lecturing staff through simulation metrics to provide a broader curriculum

Who is it for?

Level 6 or 7 students studying a business-based course with specialism covering marketing, sales, management and for commercial. This simulation provides a practical opportunity for student’s “switch on” how to apply classroom theory in particular developing their soft skills and emotional intelligence

Our business simulations

  • Are grounded in corporate business modelling
  • Bring academic theories and concepts to life
  • Run on an intuitive, easy-to-follow instructor platform
  • Offer fully automated setup, provide briefings, documents, logins and session releases
  • Reduce workload burden on teaching staff
  • A new – gamified – way to engage students
  • Upgrade courses available to reach GOLD Teaching Excellence Framework Status

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