Introducing a new Academic Simulation Series (3/5)

Most courses will also take this one step further by enhancing student’s theoretical understanding by providing experiential learning opportunities.  Many colleges and universities are embracing innovation by adding business simulations to these units as part of the coursework students undergo.  These simulations immerse budding entrepreneurs into the realities of starting up their own businesses.  Students will get to grips with how businesses operate, build a solid foundation of management, accounting, data analysis and markets to grow their start up.

Not only do these simulations develop students’ entrepreneurial thinking, they will experience what is required to take a business idea from inception through to implementation. 

Course leaders value the flexibility and scalability too; simulations can be run either by faculty or our professional facilitators; our business simulations can be set up for cohorts between 15 – 200, where students are divided into teams of 5 or 6; even better they can be run anywhere – from classrooms to halls or even remotely and completely online.

Course lecturers value the additional personalised assessments and metrics simulations offer.  Not only do these simulations offer an alternative learning method, they will also aid in the creation of writing student progress reports, as lecturers have unprecedented insights into individual performance, were students to start up their own business during the time of learning.  Finally, lecturers gain personal insights into their delivery methods – if any element of their teachings are not being clearly understood, this would become apparent during the simulations, thereby offering lecturers the opportunity to optimise their course delivery.

In summary


  • Achieve a broad understanding of how to develop an entrepreneurial business
  • Experience the challenge of developing a profitable business model
  • Develop a rich understanding of core business areas such as marketing, accounting, operations and management
  • Learn to apply the theory to the actual business of running an entrepreneurial business


  • Become innovative in their course delivery and cater to varying class sizes
  • Have a better understanding of individual student understanding
  • Will be able to provide more detailed feedback summaries to students
  • Develop lecturing staff through simulation metrics to provide a broader curriculum

Who is it for? Level 4 or 5 students studying a business-based degree course with specialism covering marketing, sales, management and for commercial awareness prior to commencing an external project.

Our business simulations:

  • Are grounded in corporate business modelling
  • Bring academic theories and concepts to life
  • Run on an intuitive, easy-to-follow instructor platform
  • Offer fully automated setup, provide briefings, documents, logins and session releases
  • Reduce workload burden on teaching staff
  • A new – gamified – way to engage students
  • Upgrade courses available to reach GOLD Teaching Excellence Framework Status

More information can be found on our Academic Simulations page.

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