Introducing a new Academic Simulation Series (2/5)

Our latest modules for Business Schools: Introduction to Operating a Business provides supportive experiential learning, as it immerses students into real-world business scenarios.  Students are grouped into teams or businesses and pitted against each other in a highly competitive simulation. Influencers are introduced as the simulation progresses, giving students the opportunity to make key decisions.  Impacts of their decisions are immediate, offering them insights into what worked and what did not, provoking further thought on how to optimise their company in future.

Cohesive teams engage students, break down barriers and quickly build student networks which last beyond the simulation and course. Having the opportunity to put their recently acquired business and commercial knowledge into practice stimulates many team discussions leading to (mainly) unified decisions – giving faculty the opportunity to see their theoretical teachings turn into practice.

These simulations are fun, challenging and really engage students through gamification principles, something that today’s students will have been exposed to from early childhood. At the beginning of the session a goal is set.  At the end of our simulations, students wait with eager anticipation to see if their team won – the winning team ALWAYS cheers jubilantly.

Course leaders value the flexibility and scalability too; simulations can be run either by faculty or our professional facilitators; our business simulations can be set up for cohorts between 15 – 200, where students are divided into teams of 5 or 6; even better they can be run anywhere – from classrooms to halls.

In summary:

  • A fun, engaging way to gain a broad knowledge of how a business operates.
  • Learn to begin to apply the theory to the actual business of running an organisation. 
  • Team building and developing student networks.
Who is it for?       Level 3 or 4 students who are studying a business-related subject. 

Our business simulations:

  • Are grounded in corporate business modelling
  • Bring academic theories and concepts to life
  • Run on an intuitive, easy-to-follow instructor platform
  • Offer fully automated setup, provide briefings, documents, logins and session releases
  • Reduce workload burden on teaching staff
  • A new – gamified – way to engage students
  • Upgrade courses available to reach GOLD Teaching Excellence Framework Status

More information can be found here:  Academic Simulations.

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