Can your business deliver agile training to adapt to the future workforce?


Companies will have to personalise business training and consider what type of employees operate within the business, as well as how they best respond to technology. This is essential as it outlines the importance of which technology to use and how to adapt it to the trainee for best engagement.  Here are two articles that delve into this in more detail:

  1. Generation Z: 8 Ways the Crisis Will Forever Change the Future Workforce
  2. Generation Y, Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers

Next, organisations must consider the most suitable training modules to deliver.  This can include either an off the shelf solution, a custom designed solution, or a combination of both.

Added to the core training requirements, considerations must be made in terms of delivery methods, such as:

  • Delivery – single user, team training, or timed competition
  • Schedule – live or recorded, weekly, monthly or one off
  • Remote – on demand accessibility; anywhere, anytime
  • Facilitated or user led

The final step is to understand what key metrics and reporting are required to gain immediate insights into employee development, performance and predict any corrective actions which need to be taken to mitigate business risk.  These metrics can vary and are configurable based on particular business requirements. 

Once this in-depth analysis has been carried out the business is ready to implement agile training solutions to adapt to the new way of working, develop employees to maintain business continuity.

What are the options going forward?

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