Banking Simulations


An Immersive Hands-On Learning Experience

Our Banking Simulations are designed specifically for developing the commercial awareness of managers and staff within the banking, building society and finance sector.

The simulations help develop essential insight into successfully leading a financial institution in the current economic climate. Participants are immersed into a real and authentic environment where they take the role of a leader in the organisation and are required to make strategic, tactical and functional decisions to deliver success in each quarter.

An Engaging & Relevant Learning Experience

The scenario is developed on the most up to date and relevant content from the financial sector. With the options available this can be centred on a generic bank or indeed your actual organisation, as it’s also possible to have this simulation tailored or completely customised to your requirements.

Also, by adjusting the complexity level of the simulations they can be used for all levels of managers and staff across the business, including: Graduates, Talent, Branch Managers & Head Office Staff.

Laptop showing welcome page for banking simulation
"I thought the course was exceptional and probably the best course I have attended in my 12 years at the bank."
K.R., CRC Manager, Barclays Bank

Flexible Options and Content

Our Banking Simulations can be run as a workshop, using team based learning or as an online training programme. The core learning content includes,

  • How banks work and how they make money
  • How risk works and how it is managed
  • What is the Cost Income Ratio and how it can be affected
  • What the various departments do within a bank
  • How each department affects each other and the Banks overall success
  • How each team can play a part in delivering the bank’s strategy
Simulation team members with simulation content on large wall screen behind them
"Fantastic experience which has really raised my awareness of how such a large business operates"
A.S., Graduate, Nationwide

Find Out More

To find out how our range of banking simulations could be used in your organisation, please contact us to request more information or to arrange a time to speak to one of our team.