Simulation Delivery Options


A Wide Range of Delivery & Facilitation Options

Our simulations are driven by a multimillion dollar advanced simulation platform, which provides a much wider range of flexible delivery options than previously available from traditional simulations. This tailored approach means that you are able to run your simulations in the way that best suits you, your participants and your business.

There are a range of delivery options, which we offer as standard. However, if you have a particular idea on how you would prefer to run a simulation we are flexible and will work with you to provide a tailored solution. Read on to discover the range of delivery options that we have been utilising, to great success, for our clients for over ten years.


Running a simulation in a workshop format provides the participants with the opportunity to bring the scenario alive in a real-world environment where discussion happens freely and facilitators can also observe and provide real time feedback. The optional integration of your business drivers can deliver real impact during periods of change or onboarding. Typically, the workshops are set up with the cohort split into smaller sub-teams, often forming a management team whilst working through the simulation scenario. Once each round of the simulation has been completed the group will re-convene for a facilitated review and discussion. With our simulations being run via our simulation platform we are able to run workshops on-site or off-site – we have even run them on a cruise liner off the coast of Florida.

Options include:

  • 3 to 30 participants
  • Generic or bespoke simulation scenarios
  • Run as a development or assessment programmes
  • Facilitated by Business Smart or by your own trainers (Train-the-Trainer support provided)

Events & Conferences

For companies looking to add in an interactive, engaging and fun element to their company event or conference a business game may just hit the mark. As well as being highly engaging they are also business focused meaning they can easily be aligned with the core business messages of your event.

Options include,

  • From 20 to 500 participants
  • From 2 hour to 8 hour games
  • Off-the-shelf or customised games
  • Automated Game & Results Platform

For more information on our business games for conferences and events please see our Business Games for Conference & Events page.

Online Simulations

All of our simulations have the option of being run online and require participants to have an internet connected device. Participants then interact using a standard web browser and receive rich content, scenarios, feedback and reports throughout.

Our online simulations can be run either as,

  • An Online Self-Study Course
  • An Online Fully Facilitated Course
  • An Online Team Based Learning Experience
  • An Online Multiplayer Tournament

Blended Programmes

Our simulations can be used in blended learning (a mix of workshop based and online learning) programmes. With the structure of our simulations being made up of 'rounds', it provides a number of ideal transition points in which participants can move from one format to another without any noticeable interruption.

The simulations can also be effectively integrated into your existing development programmes with the learning objectives of the programme running seamlessly through both the simulation and management development modules.

Facilitation Options

You can choose to facilitate the simulation yourself. Each simulation has a comprehensive set of support materials for you to familiarise yourself with the content and scenario, and feel confident in presenting feedback and results. Support is quickly available.

Or, you can ask us to facilitate the programme. Either way you can be assured of providing your participants with a great experience.