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Team members practicing business acumen at a workshop

Acumen is learned

Dedicated targeted development simulations will focus your future leaders on growing your business in line with board strategy and will engage them from the outset through challenging and fun simulations using gamification techniques.


September 2018
Teams applauding winners of simulation workshop

Employee Engagement Case Study

Employee Engagement is high on the corporate agenda, however running a truly innovative and engaging programme is challenging. This case study illustrates how this can be achieved.


August 2018
Leadership sim team members discussing their decisions

Download our Leadership Flyer

Identifying leadership skills is one challenge. Developing business acumen within your future leaders another. Retaining leaders yet another. This pdf explains how simulation games can help you find leaders within your business, develop their acumen and keep them loyal & engaged.


August 2018
Conference hall with around 600 graduate recruits in 84 teams taking part in a banking simulation

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First impressions matter. Loyalty is key to employee retention. Engaged employees are strong business advocates as they see themselves part of the bigger picture and will help your business grow. This pdf explains how simulation games can supercharge your new hires.


March 2018
Perspective view of white paper cover page

Whitepaper: Simulations

Why organisations are using business simulations to develop management capability

After decades of traditional management and leadership development, organisations are starting to create the next generation of programmes by introducing and integrating realistic business simulations.


May 2016