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What the simulations do

Develop Capability

Our business simulations provide interactive and engaging learning experiences which develop insights and capability. Through the use of realistic scenarios, experiential learning and elements of gamification, ultimately they deliver a richer and more impactful learning experience.

Our simulations cater for a growing range of capabilities including business acumen, finance, sales, marketing, supply chain, customer service, leadership and more. 

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'Off-the-Shelf' & Bespoke Training Simulations

We offer both Off-The-Shelf simulations along with customised and fully bespoke simulations. Our wide range of Off-The-Shelf simulations are ready to go and are an affordable option for first time or lower volume users. Our bespoke service provides you with a simulation that is fully designed & branded to your exact requirements – yet still affordable if you are targeting medium or high volumes.

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How the simulations are run

Flexible Delivery Options

Our range of simulations are all driven from our Simulation Platform which enables them to be delivered in many different formats, including:

  • Company Conferences & Events
  • Facilitated Workshops
  • Blended Learning Programmes
  • Online Facilitated Simulations
  • Online Self-Study Simulations
  • Self-Facilitated Simulations

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Simulation Overview Video

Get a quick overview of our simulations and the benefits to your organization.


Simulation Event Video

A more in-depth look at one case-study using our simulations during a corporate event.



Who the simulations are for

Targeted Experience

Our range of simulations are used at all levels of staff and management within organisations. From on-boarding staff to developing the next level of International Executives. Each level of simulation can be tailored to target a specific level of experience. This is achieved by adjusting the depth and complexity of the simulation on the platform. We also flex the design and instructional approach to suit the participants, depending on whether it is more of a business game or a realistic advanced business simulation.

  • New Hires & Graduates
  • Talent & High Potentials
  • Management & Executives


A Unique Simulation Platform

Our simulations are driven by our proprietary Simulation Platform which is probably the most innovative and powerful simulation platform in the corporate training world. The platform provides the flexibility and scalability to deliver simulations in the design, format and method you require. Its easy-to-use Trainer Tools also enable our clients to facilitate their own simulations without the complex set-up of many old-style simulations.   

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